Compare internet providers Netherlands

What means compare broadband in the Netherlands?

Compare internet providers Netherlands is easier said than done. You probably have heard of T-Mobile, KPN or Ziggo. And even more. But having all these options does not make it easy at all to decide. You probably have so many questions, waiting for an answer.

Before we take a closer look at all the companies and their offers, I will explain the meaning of a subscription a bit more. We use the term ‘broadband’ to indicate a high-speed internet connection. This connection is given in a certain speed. To express this speed a term (megabits per second) is used by all providers. Below the different speeds, divided in sections:

  • 20-50 Mbit/s: applicable for email, surfing, review television programs, occasionally stream music or videos and use of multiple devises.
  • 50-200 Mbit/s: applicable for email, surfing, review television programs, stream music or videos in 4K and multiplayer (online) gaming
  • 200-1.000 Mbit/s: applicable for email, surfing, review television programs at the same time on different devises, downloading files in high speed, frequently stream music or videos and multiplayer (online) gaming.

The difference between these providers can be found in the packages and internet speed they offer. Think about a deal that include internet only, but also television and mobile telephone deals. Beside these deals, you might also take a look at the duration of a contract. A duration of 12 months is mostly offered, but sometimes a contract includes 24 months or even a month.

Internet providers Netherlands

Now explanation is given, we will provide you an overview of the different providers and their offers. Specifications such as speed and price are given in the clear chart below.

ProviderSpeed starting fromPrice starting from
Youfone50 Mbit/s€32,00 per month
T-Mobile100 Mbit/s€35,00 per month
Budget alles-in-1100 Mbit/s€35,50 per month
Ziggo50 Mbit/s€40,00 per month
Online.nl100 Mbit/s€40,50 per month
KPN100 Mbit/s€42,50 per month

Internet comparison Netherlands, watch this!

Well, before you think what a huge difference, please be aware of some things. First of all, take the type of connection into account. This ensures the possibility of your speed and so your internet speed. Below these 3 different types of connection ordered from the slowest one to fastest:

  • ADSL, which stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and provides internet through a digital connection, a copper cable. With ADSL, the speed ordered is never the speed delivered. Here you have to deal with speed loss the further you live from the collection point in the neighborhood.
  • Cable: a connection is made through a cable modem to a cable network. The cable that sends the information includes 2 parts, vision and sound. The name of this cable is COAX.
  • Optical fiber, which means sending data through a thin fiber with the speed of light.

Of all types of Internet, ADSL is the cheapest. In terms of price, cable Internet and fiber optic Internet are comparable. Of all types of Internet, fiber optic is unfortunately the most expensive. Partly because of this, small households of up to 2 people with normal Internet use can still choose the cheaper ADSL.

Compare Internet and television providers Netherlands

Internet and television, in one of the most common packages. This means you will not only have internet, but you can also watch television. When you subscribe for internet you will receive, as an offer, the ‘standard Dutch channels’, regardless which provider you have chosen. However, sometimes a provider offers more than this. They want you to feel like home. They want you to feel special and, for a fee, you are able to watch other channels. Think about sport, movies and series or programs and channels from your home country.

Addiotional phone services

Besides internet and television there is another common package providers offer. It included the ability of using internet and phone services. Do not confuse this with mobile telephone. This ‘calling’ offer makes use of an internet connection. Therefore, some providers offer you a smart deal packages and make it possible to call abroad. A provider might offer you, for a small fee, to call unlimited abroad.

In short, this is the best internet provider in the Netherlands

The word ‘best’ means something different for everyone. It all depends on your needs, your budget and the offers providers have. First, you need to look at the type of Internet. Do you have a small household (up to 2 people)? Probably you can still use the cheap ADSL internet just fine.

Do you have a larger household? In that case, cable Internet or fiber Internet is recommended. With these types of Internet you do not have to deal with speed loss. In other words, the speed ordered is the speed delivered. In terms of Internet speed, it is wise to choose a package that suits your household. For a two-person household, 50 Mbit/s is often sufficient. Is your household larger? In that case, 100 or 200 Mbit/s for households of up to 5 people may be sufficient. Really large households best choose a speed of 500 Mbit/s or more.

Is the speed and type of Internet known? In that case, you can start comparing Internet providers. Don’t feel like comparing? In that case, KPN, T-Mobile or Ziggo are always a good choice.

FAQ Compare internet providers Netherlands

Below are some questions that come up regularly when comparing Internet providers in the Netherlands.

What does internet alone cost on average in the Netherlands?

The average cost of internet in the Netherlands is €41 per month.

Which internet provider is the fastest in the Netherlands?

According to ‘De Consumentenbond’, Ziggo has the fastest internet in The Netherlands. Nevertheless, it’s good to do a check before subscribing. A quick internet check can provide you information about the possibility of different providers at your home. Note, not every provider can give you the fastest internet at every location.

What is the cheapest internet subscription in the Netherlands?

Cheap is personal definition. The subscription is something that meets your needs and wants. Thus, his differs per person. Firstly, make a list for yourself that a subscription must contain. Secondly, compare the offers from different providers in order to find the cheapest subscription.